Workplan: Introduction

The current project aims to solve the main problems of the saffronís sector by mean of the implementation a new ISO norm that regulates the criteria of purity, quality and safety. Nowadays, the Normative (ISO 3632) used to certify these saffron parameters in the worldwide market present several critical lacks. The project structure is formed by 4 main stages:
1) Characterisation of indicators related to saffron (criteria for quality, purity and food safety).
2) Development of an easy-to-use method to measure the indicators of quality, purity and safety. The technical approach will be double: chemical and microbiological.
3) Validation of the method, that is absolutely necessary for the reliability and reproducibility of the method developed. The validation will be carried out by independent certified laboratories.
4) Implementation of methods in IAGs and SMEs is the final step for the success of the project. The transaction of the new proposal at ISO subcommittee must be followed by of dissemination activities oriented to IAG, SME and others as producers, end users, customer office import/export, intermediate stakeholders and certified laboratories.:

GANTT Diagram (Chronogram)

Saffic is structured in ten work packages which are distributed in 36 months, from October 2006 to October 2009.

PERT Diagram (Flow diagram)

Workplan is broken down according to three types of activities:
1. Research, technological development (WP1-WP7) and innovation that includes exploitation and dissemination activities (WP8).
2. Training activities that includes the measures for method implementation (WP9).
3. Consortium management (WP10, not represented in the figure).


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