Saffron is the most precious and most expensive spice in the world. In the last years the fraudulent practices have proliferated in part due to the high price and to the lack of the technological methodologies available to detect them. In fact, the ISO/TS 3632 (2003) Norm that regulates the purity and quality of saffron does not take into account any reliable analytical technique to detect basic colorants and natural pigments to fight against fraud and to establish objective criteria of quality and food safety; neither a methodology to assure food safety determining microbiological contamination.

Saffic was originated from the necessity to control these fraudulent practices. The IAGs and SMEs involved in the project aim to develop new methodologies to modify the current ISO norm introducing standards and reliable procedures to fight against the fraud. The introduction of the new standardised methodologies that define the criteria of purity, quality and food safety will be the main tool for the defence of the competitiveness of the European SMEs of saffron field.


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