Role of participants Consortium

The participants Consortium takes all measures to ensure that the project is carried out and informs the EC of any event which may affect project´s implementation and of any circumstances affecting: the conditions of participation, the financial regulations and the requirements of the contract.

Role of participants

Industrial Associations:
- Dominant role in the project management
- Take care of links with their SME members
- Disseminate and exploit the results
- Training their staff and SME members staff
- Use their network

Core Group SME:
- Inputs to demand
- Participate in the management and are represented in the Project/Steering/etc Committee
- Active role in work packages
- Key role in technical management
- Test, validation and exploitation of results (take-up actions)

RTD Performers:
- Carrying out research
- Reporting, presentation of results
- Close cooperation with Industrial Associations and Core Group SME
- Preparing dissemination and training material

Coordinator: Administrative and financial management
- Intermediary, contact with the Commission
- Submits all documents
- Informs the Commission
- Reports on use of financial resources
- Receives all payments and transfers the appropriate amounts to each contractor
- Chairs the Project Steering Committee
- Oversees the project progress, makes proposals to adapt the project plan

Technical manager:
- Oversees the worked executed by RTD performers
- Consolidate WP technical reports

Role of EC

- Monitors the scientific, technological and financial execution of the project
- Carries out review, analysis and approval of project deliverables plus reports
- Offers assistance


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