Collective Research

Official announcement of the Collective Research project in the FP7 (Seventh Framework programme)
Saffron sector

European Saffron White Book

It is just possible to have a look at the European Saffron White Book elaborated by several institutions of Spain, Greece and Italy in the course of the Saffron project within the INTERREG III C programme.

European Saffron White Book collects current information about the saffron sector and proposes an strategic plan to solve the actual problems.

Demonstrative DVD "Saffron taste and aroma. Spectrophotometric measurements"

UCLM and ITAP have edited a demostrative DVD in three languages (English, Italian and Spanish) useful for performing practical courses and for dissemination activities.

It demostrates in less than 25 minutes those parts that can be performed in any saffron SMEs: how to prepare samples, how to determine picrocronine an how to determine safranal by UV-Vis.

Saffron events
Saffron festival in Sardinia from 8th to 16th November

- In San Gavino Monreale - XVII Saffron regional festival from 8th to 16th November 2007.
- Turri - Saffron festival 10th-11th November 2007.
- Villanovafranca - Saffron festival 10th-11th November 2007.

Mirto e Zafferano di Sardegna. Un esempio di valorizzazione delle risorse locali Aspetti etnobotanici, fitochimici, analitici e di coltivazione

Place: Tempio Pausania, Sede Gemmata UniversitÓ di Sassari (Italy)
Date: 3-6 October 2007)
Attached you can find the programme.

18¬ Sagra Regionale dello Zafferano

Place: Teatro Comunale and Piazza G. Marconi, San Gavino, Monreale (Italy)
Date: 7-16 November 2008
Attached you can find the programme.

Chef seminars in Dubai

Saffic partner Krokos participated in the chef seminars in Dubai.

Place: Dubai(United Arab Emirateds)
Date: 17 January 2009

3rd International Symposium on Safron.

Forthcoming challenges in cultivation, research and economics.

Place: Krokos, Kozani, (Greece)
Date: 20-24 May 2009

Final Conference of Saffic Project

International Saffron Market: promoting quality and purity

Place: Beatriz Hotel (Toledo, Spain)
Date: 23 September 2009

III Conferences "Separation of Saffron of La Mancha

Traditional procedures of separation and driying of Castilla-La Mancha Saffron.

Place: Saffron Museum of Madridejos(Toledo, Spain)
Date: 23-31 October 2009

19¬ Sagra Regionale dello Zafferano

Place: Teatro Comunale and Capannone Polivalente, San Gavino, Monreale (Italy)
Date: 13-15 November 2009
Attached you can find the programme.

4th Edition of the Course "Ciencia en Vivo"

Place: Lecture Hall of the School of Agricultural Engineers of Albacete (Spain)
Date: 23-27 November 2009
Attached you can find the programme.

International Conference "New research in Food and Tourism - BIOATLAS 2010

Organized by Faculty of Food and Tourism and other National and International Institutions.

Place: Transilvania University from Brasov (Romania)
Date: 28-30 May 2010

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